Camera latency question

I’m running BoinxTV on a 27" iMac, OSX Vers. 10.8.5, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3. Shooting conferences. Source 1 (Panasonic HVX200), Source 2 (Canon Vixia HV40), Source 3 (PowerPoint via Epiphan VGA2USB). The HVX200 works great. The Epiphan works great. The HV40 looks good, but I’m getting unacceptable levels of latency.

Is the latency due to HV40 being HDV, or another reason? If it’s just a quirk of HDV then would removing the HV40 and picking up another HVX200 (or perhaps a Logitech C920) eliminate the latency? I picked up the HV40 after reading Boinx Software’s recommendation of it. Why would Boinx recommend something with that kind of flaw? Thank you.

The problem is the processing of HDV-data. There need to be a frame buffer holding multiple frames in order to transferee the frames to the host because of the compression. One big part of the latency happens in the camera already. Our suggestion in a multiple camera setup is to use all the same camera models. Then your latency is the same with all the cameras.

Thanks for your reply, Achim. Do you have any experience, or have you heard any user experiences, with the Logitech C920?

We run the Logitech C920 ourselves and it works great with BoinxTV. You can even use “Webcam Settings” by mactaris ( ) to control it. However in terms of latency you will get different latencies too if you use two different video devices.