camera & connectivity issues: HELP!!

istop 2.8.4 mac 10.7.4

connected Canon 7d to istop 2.8.4 & mac 10.7.4. will this work? no live feed possible. will i always have to click both the capture & input preview buttons for each shot?

are there adapters or cables to make mini-USB or USB 2 camera compatible (live feed) with this software?

PLEASE update the istop software to handle USB connections/cameras. I tried to connect 3 new models (like the Canon XA10 & 2 other models) of professional camcorders and the software is unable to read any of them due to the firewire-only limitations. The software can’t accept live feed from any USB cameras, which are on all newer models.


You are right, as the info screen says, there is currently no live view. We work on this, and plan to ship a version if iStopMotion that supports live view for selected DSLRs in the future.

Tried to connect JVC GR-D370U and Sony DCR-HC38 video camera recorders using firewire and/or USB cables, neither cameras were recognized. Previously, the sony camera was successfully recognized by istopmotion on our Macbook Pro. has anyone had the same experiences?

I just bought iStopMotion 3 and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with any digital cameras.
I can use an iPod, iPad, or iphone but with stop motion animating,
a tripod is very important!
The choice in camera equipment is important too.
Are we only able to use those Apple products with it?
Is there some way to plug my Canon digital camera into it?
It’s not really a useful program for anyone half serious about animation if we can’t use cameras.

No I was mistaken. It doesn’t work for the live feed
but I can download the pictures from my camera.

I have recently bought a Nikon Coolpix S3300. This camera was on the list of compatable cameras with Istopmotion 2.8. Nevertheless, it does not find a connection with the MacBook Pro. The program tells me to update the preview by pressing the ‘preview button’. When I do so, the program tells me that there is a problem with the connection and tells me to try it with a different ‘one’. I am not quite sure what is going wrong. Do I have try a different connection?

I tried using my Canon EOS 350D with iStopMotion 3 and it doesn’t work. But don’t blame iStopMotion for it: it turns out however, that this IS A PROBLEM OF MAC OS X MOUNTAIN LION (10.8) as the camera doesn’t connect with the computer at all anymore. Somewhere on the Canon forums I read, that Apple has changed the source for connecting still cameras again in OS X, so most EOS don’t work at the moment. Hope this will be fixed in some time.