Camcorder recognized, but I'm seeing a black screen

I’ve just downloaded the trial version of iStopmotion Express and I’m having trouble viewing the feed from my Canon ZR20. The camera is selected in the source menu, and when I click “Settings” I can see the feed just fine, but the main window is showing black. Captured frames also appear black. Any idea what the problem is?

i’ve the same problem with BOINXTV full edition.
I have Macbook pro 17" with Canon hv40.

Hi guys, if you use e.g. Quicktime Player and go to File > New Video recording and choose this camera, do you get video here?

Hi Bastian,
Sorry for the delay …
I tested with Quicktime player…it works well :slight_smile:
But it doesn’t work with boinxtv …always black screen

Hi all,

I am having a similar issue: I downloaded/installed istopmotion express and at first it recognized my isight camera, as well as a Sony HDR-HC9 video camera and now all I get is a black screen, and error messages telling me my macintosh HD doesn’t have enough space. I am using OS Lion now, as well.

@JohnL: Can you please test the QuickTime option?
@mike 6 @gtpoet: Is it possible that your camera is set to HDV? If so please switch it to DV and try again.

Has anyone resolved this?
I had everything working fine, but recently reinstalled Lion cleanly.
Now iChat, FaceTime, QuickTime, Skype, etc. all use the iSight on my MBP just fine, but the reinstalled iStopMotion only shows a black screen.

Haven’t seen a solution.