Burning to DVD

I just got FotoMagico 4. I made a slide show of my trip. I then wanted to burn it to a DVD,so I could sent it to some friends. I do not have Toast or IDVD on my imac.

. So i saved the slideshow in my Movies. I then imported the file to Express burn. It did not recognise the movie file, so I imported it as a data DVD file. Which it burned fine. The problem I have my HD tv gives the message incompatible file.
I used for TV 4.3 what did I do wrong? Can any one give me help?

I would recommend to look inside the manual of your HD TV which video formats it can play back. Use this format in the “QuickTime Exporter” of FotoMagico to generate the proper video file. However this don’t means that the DVD you are producing is running on your friends TV set. If you want to make sure that this is the case you have to burn a real video DVD (not a data DVD). However, burning video DVDs also means a huge quality loss.