Burning to DVD

Hi new here and new to Fotomagico so very much a learner. I downloaded Fotomagico 5 v 5.1.3 (22191) from the App store. Created my first slideshow yesterday. When I came to export as a DVD I discovered that I needed iDVD or Toast Titanium - have neither!!
Doing some research I discovered that iDVD is no longer supported and if downloaded may not even work. Toast Titanium is expensive, is that all I can use or can I use any other DVD burning software?
Also I uploaded my show to you tube which took an hour and a half! Now I can’t find my show in my you tube account - any ideas?

I’m sorry for the troubles you experience. Honestly, DVD is not what you want. Since it has only low resolution, your slideshow won’t look that good.

YouTube is definitely the better way to go. It has a much higher resolution and almost anybody with an internet connection can view your slideshow.

We’re not aware of any issues regarding uploading to YouTube resulting in the video being unavailable. The privacy settings might prevent the video from being discoverable, but it should definitely be in your video manager which you can access by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner in YouTube and choosing “Creator Studio” from the popup.

Let me know if this helps.

That’s great thanks but I need to produce a physical DVD to give to someone. Is Toast my only option or will any DVD burner from the App Store work?

“Burning a DVD” is a non-trivial topic. First, there are different types of DVDs.

Typically, a movie is delivered on DVD-Video. This format plays in a consumer DVD player sold for the purpose of watching movies. This type is what iDVD used to make. You can also use Toast and other DVD burn apps if they support DVD-Video.

You can also burn an MPEG-4 video file onto a data DVD. This can be played on PCs/Macs with a DVD drive, but also on most recent consumer DVD players. (This is where it gets confusing, doesn’t it?) For this, you don’t even need a DVD burner app, the OS X Finder can do that.

The DVD-Video file is limited to NTSC, which is 720 × 486 pixels, which basically gives you garbage.

The MPEG-4 file on a data DVD can be HD or 4K. However, a consumer DVD player might not be able to play a high res MPEG-4 video.

So, it depends on why you need to make a physical DVD. Is it because they only have a DVD player to watch it or is it because you have to deliver them the data due to contractual obligations? In the first case, you have no choice but to get an app that can burn a DVD-Video. In the second case, simply export an HD video from FotoMagico and use the Finder to burn that file onto a data DVD.

thank you for your reply. It is for them to play on a DVD player as they live in a rural area and their internet is very poor. So I take it then any DVD burning app from the App Store would be compatible with Fotomagico?

If it takes an MPEG-4 video file, yes.

With the Fotomagico file format, saving to a flash drive/memory stick will play on nothing except a Mac. Using Toast, there is no way to save to a Flash Drive and on the App Store there are no programs that I can find to save to a FD/MS. I have several video players (used in business) that only have USB plugs and the programs in the FM format will not play. Should note, Toast 11 and above will not work except just dragging the FM show to the CD icon, then it works great. What can be done by FM the make this software in a format that will work on any player? Sure could use some help on this issue. Would suggest FM removing the Toast/iDVD markings from the Burn Button and list what will work.