Burning Slideshows to DVDs (for playing on T.V.s)

Hello, I recently created a slideshow in FotoMagico 4. I used to use FotoMagico 2 and also had Roxio Toast and had no problems burning slideshows to DVDs. Unfortunately, I no longer have Toast on my iMac computer and don’t really want to purchase it again. I’m also running El Capitan, and iDVD is no longer available. Can someone recommend another burning software besides Toast or iDVD that will allow me to burn my FotoMagico slideshow to a DVD? Does MacDVDCreator work? How about Toast DVD, which is available on the App store. Toast DVD is only $20.00, and the most recent Toast software is $99.00. Hope someone can help me with my question. I’m sort of on a tight deadline to get this slideshow burned to a DVD. Thank you.