Bug with LOOPBACK?

Hi here,
since the new version of “LOOPBACK” the sound no longer works when sent to mimolive. Does anyone have the same problem.
Loopback App Version: 2.4.0
Build ID: 2d641ea98294e5a
Build Date: 2024-06-05 01:54:08

OS Version: MacOS 14.5
Audio Engine: ARK Plugin (12.0.0)

Yes, I‘ve had other reports. We‘ll look into it.

Meanwhile, have you checked out the mimoLive Virtual Audio Device? Virtual Audio Device | mimoLive®

It may be able to solve your problem without LoopBack.

Yes i verify
I remove and reinstall but not working
I try another solution in urgence : I send loopback in monitor with NDI but i was not ideal

@KKOweb I’ve reached out to Rogue Amoeba who have confirmed there is an issue with Loopback and asked me to ask our customers to please reach out to their support for further investigation. Please let me know when the issue is resolved.

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Thanks i’m going to contact them

Hi all,
I am in contact with the Rogue Amoeba developers for the past week and they have confirm that they can reproduce the issue we’re facing. Which is good news.
Let’s hope they can push a fix in the next update soon!

Did you hear back from them meanwhile?

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No . No answer.

there was an update but it did not correct the problem with the plugin. only solution that I found, I add a monitor output in NDi and I recover in MIMOLIVE like that

Hi Oliver,

They wrote back to me yesterday saying that they’re working on other additional updates before releasing an update. They have share a dev build with me that does fix the issue.

Good progress, let’s hope the update will be released soon!

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