Bug report. b561.b2. No NDI Iphone video, but audio. Catalina beta 10.15.5

Case A: mimo561b2, macbook 2017, catalina 10.15.3 (no beta), last NDIdriwer 4.5.0 = NDI/HX iphone - wifi - router - lan -macbook = ok

Case B: mimo561b2, mac pro 2013, catalina 10.15.5 (beta), last NDIdriwer 4.5.0 = NDI/HX iphone - wifi - router - lan -mac pro = no video, but audio NDI yep. Also i have video NDI in NewTek NDI monitor, but no video in mimolive

Hi @did .

Thank you for using mimoLive and for your feedback.

We will try to reproduce the “B” case with the provided setup using a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018) & iPhone.

I have not been able to reproduce the issue. My testing setup was:
mimoLive 5.6.1.b2 MacBook Pro 2018, Catalina 10.15.5 (beta) last NDIdriwer 4.5.0 = NDI/HX iPhone (and iPad) - wifi - router - lan -MacBook Pro = video and audio NDI.

Could you please share your document?

I can now test everything on two 10.15.5. machines since the .5 version has been released (no current beta available).

I’ve just created a new document
i have sound, nut have no video
tested with iphone X, iphone 7s, ipad 3mini
no video

new show NDI tvshow

Checked NDI HX capture and NDI HX Camera apps
Case A = working everything
Case B = in ML no video, sound yes (in Newtec NDI monitor video&audio = ok)

i reinstalled NDI tools and NDI drivers = no success

upd: tested on Version 5.7b1 (28505) = no success


  • New: Added a Scale & Transform filter to be able to resize, scale, rotate and crop any video source.

i install NDI Video input 1.0 (1), checked in "display DID (iphone)
and choose “video device = NDI Video” = video OK, audio OK,
but directly with Iphone : “video device = DID (Display) @” = video NO, audio OK