Bug Report 5.5 and 5.5b2

  1. Troubles with facebook live start.
    infinitely spinning icon near live-streamimg- facebook-my profile -newsfeed (the public-friends-me field is not displayed at this time))
    FB authentication in the settings has been done several times.

  2. made a playlist of small mp4 files (1-5 mb each) - heavy delays during playback in program outs

Video sources: 1 camera via blackmagic ultra studio + 2 or 3 windows capture from zoom app

Also Mimo Reporter iOs - good video, but no sound from mimolive
(in mimolive i hear incoming sound from reporter)

Check please and debug

Also crhome and safari (iphone) = no video / no program out / no sound / nothing

Chrome on macbook and windows pc = video ok / programm out ok / sound ok /

Hello @did. Thank you for the using mimoLive (& mimoLiveReporter) and the given feedback. I am working on a fix for mimoLiveReporter on iOS atm.

I will also take a look at the UI problems you are facing. Will keep you updated.