So, I’ve been fighting with the news crawl feature in Boinx. We normally work in 720p because its preferable with streaming. However, I did not realize that the DOCUMENT SIZE setting was independant from the output size. I was playing around today and changed the document size to 1080 and THE CRAWL IS SEEMLESS!!! Only took two years to figure out.

my guess is the template was set up for 1080 - the max size boinxtv as made to operate - & beings the system doesn’t have to scale it anymore it’s taking that load off the machine so now it’s outputting at native resolution. you should always try to operate & output at native resolution for your equipment, etc.

@lorcott: I am sorry, I didn’t quite understand your problem. In BoinxTV the document size is our canvas we are rendering all the graphics in. This is the resolution you will get if you are recording your session to disk. Where ever we are presenting this canvas (e.g. live preview in the right corner of the document window, on the secondary monitor output or a separate window) we have to scale it to the destination resolution.

Does this help you to understand your problem?

when I do the crawl with your “canvas” set to 1280x720 and output the second monitor as 720P, the crawl has a minor jitter. However, when I set for 1920x1080 and output as 720P it is INCREDIBLY smooth.