BUG: Layer stack shows empty layers

When I launch my project, I have a few “Placer with Transition” layers.
Each layer has many variants inside.
As soon as I open mimoLive on the project, I can see this:

after I click on the little arrow, all the variants will show correctly and from that point everything is shown again correctly.
like a problem with refreshing the layers.
it happens both on my cMP and MBP
mimo 5.9.1
macOS 10.15.7

Hi @fermento Thanks for reporting. Can you check if this is fixed in mimoLive 5.10b2, please?

this is NOT fixed in 5.10 final.
tried a whole new project, but the bug is still there

I have had the same bug for a while, mainly in v5.9. Glad to know it’s not just me!

is there any update on this?