bug export Mimolive

I can not create show with mimolive.
When I start recording, the button quickly turns yellow.
No files are created : “0kb” .

enter image description here

Message : “Encoder status : encoder is way to slow”

Everything worked well until now.

MacbookPro 2012

  • 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7
  • 16 Go 1600 MHz DDR3
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 Mo

Mimolive (time limited licence 2019)

  • Version 2.8.1 (22977)
  • Input: 2 hdmi camera with Black Magic UltraStudio Recorder and sound in usb
  • Export: hp 720p 29,97fps .mov H264 Linear pcm

Thanks for all,

screen cast bug mimolive

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@sie36 I’m sorry to hear that you experience this problem. You say it worked until now? What has changed? Did you upgrade macOS or mimoLive, turned on file system encryption or activated the new APFS file system?

Could you please check if the storage destination has enough space to save the video?

To my knowledge I made only updates sierra and mimolive.
The storage destination (macbook hard drive) has enough space.
I do not know how to activate apfs
Normally I use mimo Tuesday in a college…

@sie36 Are you also streaming at the same time or have you set up and used the document for streaming? In this case, please try to switch the encoder to ProRes422 and see if that works?

I just did some tests and I found my mistake.
The file destination path file was incorrect …
with a space error.
Thank you for everything.

@sie36 I’m glad to hear that you found a solution. Of course, this should not be possible, we will fix that in an upcoming version. Thank you for reporting!