Britghter FotoMagico slideshow in Motion 5


I’ve just started to work with FotoMagico Pro as a generator in Motion 5. Whenever I import a slideshow in into Motion, the photos are much brighter (or lighter) than in Fotomagico. To verify I imported the same picture directly into Motion and compared it with the one from Fotomagico…

I’ve also exported the slideshows as a movie. The one exporter from FotoMagico looks good while the generated Motion movie is too light.

You can see the difference at the attached screenshot. I know it’s not exactly the same rectangle but the difference is clearly visible.

Are there any settings I can adjust to make the pictures look as they should?

Thanks for any help!


Sorry for the delay! The problem may be that there are different color spaces used and when converting them, those differences appears in the dark areas. Unfortunately there seem to be no other workaround for this behavior yet then using a movie export from the FotoMagico project.

Ok thanks for the reply. But this way I will loose the ability to change something in FotoMagico “on the fly” an continue in Motion 5.
Will there be a bug fix in the future for this issue?

Hello again,

I’ve contacted noise industries support now and they confirmed that this is an error and that boinx has to fix it.
They also told me that they sent an email to you…
So please can you tell me when this error could be fixed?


So…I tried your solution with exporting as a hd movie or quicktime movie.
And even then…all photos are looking washed out (the preview in Foto Magico is looking fine)…quicktime is just a bit better.
Would be nice to get any feedback soon…

I talked to the developer and he told me that we hardly can do anything about it, there is a gap in the color synch chain at a certain point where the color synch profile gets not included into the exported movie. My suggestion is to correct the colors of the exported movie in Motion again. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve experimented a lot now and found a possible solution. First, add the Foto Magico Generator and select the saved slideshow. Then add the filter “Gamma” to the added generator, set the Gamma value 0.6 and Mix value to 100%. In my opinion there’s no big difference between the original and the generator image :slight_smile:

For the standalone export directly from Foto Magico there’s a possible solution with the x264 codec. Just do a Google search with “fix h264 gamma”.
I haven’t tried it yet but it may be worth a try!

Seems that Apple software like iPhoto, Motion or Final Cut doesn’t have this issue…but Foto Magico is much more powerful for generating Slideshows!
So maybe there’s a solution for the next version of Foto Magico…

Thanks for sharing your solution! :slight_smile: