Bringing fotomagico into rapidweaver as a full slideshow rather than a movie clip.

I’m really confused, I wonder if someone can clarify for me.

My temporary site is here:

On the homepage I have popped on a responsive inline stack for now, so that I have a slideshow embedded on the page.

However what I would LIKE to do is have a more sophisticated slideshow here, and I was recommended Fotomagico. I’ve bought it but I’m still confused.

I don’t see how I bring the fotomagico file into rapidweaver. If I share to utube first then it makes a video, but it also LOOKS like a video in the rapidweaver page, whereas I want it to look part of the design (as the inline stack does for me at the moment).

So how do I bring in a fotomagico slideshow into rapidweaver without it looking like it’s in a video format rather than spanning the page as I want it to?

I’ve been looking through the forums but could do with some help.

Many thanks.

You can’t use FotoMagico slideshow documents directly on a webpage. It won’t play, because there is no web browser plugin that can play those documents. You have to export them to a movie file with the “Share -> QuickTime” option. Please take in account that if you are hosting the movie files your web server will have to handle all the download bandwidth to multiple users. If you don’t want to handle this by yourself I recommend to use one of the video platforms that serves videos for you. E.g. upload the FotoMagico slideshow to YouTube (with the build in YouTube sharing option) and use the embed code for this video provided by YouTube in your web page.