Brady Bunch Effect

Hello All. New to the forum so please excuse the newbie question.

Can BoinxTV 1.8.4 support the scenario where multiple layers are activated at the same time? I’m trying to accomplish the Brady Bunch Effect where the canvas is divided into 4 or more squares with unique/live content. I basically have 4 videos of 4 unique people. I want to produce a session where all 4 videos are playing at the same time.

I tried using the PIP layer but I can’t get all 4 to function at the same time. I even set every layer to a quadrant of the screen. Oddly, the video plays on the entire one half of the screen.

Appreciate the forums help with my question. Trying to put a presentation together before a New Years party.[



I should add that what I’m trying to accomplish is precisely the two/three/four up sample shown here It would be awesome if there was a tutorial someone could point me too. Thanks

I am sorry to answer your question way to late for your New Years party! I hope you had fun anyways?!

For a 4 up scenario I would recommend to use four “PIP” layers and set each of them to a different corner (Geometry > Anchor > …). For each layer setup the very same keyboard-shortcut in the “Toggle Key” option. Now when you press this key all 4 layers get switched on or off at the same time.