Boxcast account warnings and errors

Just started using MimoLive with Boxcast. Running a trial last Sunday and today. Working well, except we have errors and warnings in MimoLive about the account, and the connectivity. It keeps kicking us over to log into our MimoLive account to “enable”, but the errors never go away. See attached photos:
(Sorry for the “collage” image, but as a new user, the forum will only let me upload one photo.)

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Hello @TM_Hope. Welcome to Boinx forums. Thank you for using mimoLive and the valueable feedback. I will take a look into the issue and see if I can reproduce it.

Thank you. Let me know if you need anything additional from me that might assist.

(Not sure if it’s a contributing factor or not, but FYI our BoxCast account is still in a trial period. Not sure if there’s a technical difference between the connectivity in a trial account vs. a paid account.)

Hi- Were you able to reproduce these errors? Do you have any insights? Thanks.

Hi @TM_Hope. I apologize for the long wait. I have tested and reproduced the issue. BoxCast has made some changes to their billing plans and API. I have not updated out API handling code yet, however, streaming still works because BoxCast delivers what is required for stream start. You can ignore the error message in the account prefs. I will fix it in some of the coming updates. For now you can still stream with the error message.

If you have time please verify if you can stream, since I only got a developer account (free access to everything).

Hey @TM_Hope. The UI bug fix will be in the next beta & release.