BonixTV live video output

Say totally loving Bonixtv so far. Few questions though relating around the idea of getting live “video” out of the software/hardware which could be composite, s-video, component, hdmi, vga, etc…
Do you suggest using any preferred card or adapter? I have toyed around with the idea of using the composite/s-video dongle that apple made a few years back for DVI connections but have run into some issues with extended monitor with its quality.
Having been around video switchers from from a few years back its nice to just output from your switcher to a DA that would allow me to record, display, or route video anyway i want.

Secondly the reason i am asking about a video out is to route my video and audio to a faster recording device. I tried to use the onboard recording function and its slow even on a quad core machine so i would like to try to use another machine to record the live output of the Bonixtv machine. Unless there is someway to streamline the recording process or have it work in the background as Bonixtv is running. Could you please look into it?

Thanks for your time and a great product!
Andrew J

Live playout in BoinxTV works over the secondary graphics card-out.
Connect the playout device (projector, SDI converter, DVI>S-Video converter) to your secondary out of you graphics card.
Now you need to to enable fullscreen output on this output in BoinxTV. Before you toggle fullscreen output, make sure that mirroring is switched off in system preferences and that you can see anything (the desktop background) on the secondary screen/playout device. (If this doesnt work in the first place, the problem is somewhere ealse in your setup-chain.)
Then in BoinxTV hold the option key while clicking the double arrow button. Sow select the secondary screen and the required resolution. Now you should be able to see the BoinxTV output on the playout device.

How is internal recording slow? The second you hit stop the recording is done. What you probably refer to is the transcoding process. This process is not required unless you need to transcode to a specific format.

Bastian, would you know by chance if this would work on my Matrox MXO2 mini? I use it to capture a camera via component video, so will I only loop out the video feed or could I do the Live BoinxTV video feed?

You can’t feed the video out through the MXO2. Playout only works with the MXO (without 2)


We are ready to launch a ambitious project we have been planning for a year or so and we are in the final planning and Boinx in the choose tool. (We will Definitely let u know about it).
The question:

What would be from your own experience the best absolutely set up to convert from Boinx to QT? We are planing to have a 3-4 minute show and upload it to Vimeo (Max 2GB). We have been working different compressions in QT but not satisfactory result.

Give us your secret :slight_smile:

I’d go with a MPEG4 Export in the h.264 format. Make sure you crank up the bitrate as vimeo can take it. For 720p, go to 2500Kbit and for NTSC for 1500Kbit.

You are the best! By away we love you here