BonixTV crashing issues

The past two days Boinx TV has been crashing for us. It sometimes is crashing upon loading a “document” containing the day’s lower thirds, videos, etc. Another time it crashed during our live broadcast. Today’s “document” file was based on the previous day’s version under a new name. Does Boinx have an issue with documents that were made from previous documents? I guess what I mean is am I better off making new days “document” file using the template directly, or am I ok taking the previous document, then adding to it and renaming it?

I am sorry, that BoinxTV crashes for you. The most crash reports we got so far don’t show a correlation to old documents. If you didn’t contact support(at) please do so, referring to this post. Important: send in the crash reports as BoinxTV ask you to do so. If you don’t send in those reports we can’t solve the issue. Thanks for your patiences.