Bonix TV -> CamTwist -> Flash Media Live Encoder Issues

First up I’m following the How To> Stream to Web video and he shows us how to hide the Title bar of the window. What he doesn’t show is how to get it back! I can’t move/resize the window now — only open and close it. How do I get the title bar back.

Second no Bonix TV windows are showing up in the Window selection list he shows in CamTwist using Desktop+. How do I get them to appear in CamTwist?

Third is there a way we can use a Syphon Server as a Layer (using a QC composition) in Bonix TV and a Syphon Client in a QC Composition in CamTwist to achieve what I imagine would be a superior way given Syphons low-latency and CPU overhead and reliability?

Need to get my pipeline sorted by end of the day for Live Streaming tomorrow night!!

Bonix windows were on a separate Desktop (i.e. mission control spaces) when I put on same desktop they appeared in list. Found View Menu controls for title bar.

Why does Bonix have written documentation or have I just not found it yet?

Okay I have Bonix TV catured by CamTwist but Flash Media Live Encoder will not show the video from CamTwist. I’m able to choose CamTwist from the video dropdown but the only time I see a picture is when I toggle from CT or BT into FMLE — for a split second the video preview and output windows have the correct image. This maybe Suggests they can’t be in different spaces (now call mission control desktops in Lion).

Yep that was it — can’t have CamTwist and FMLE on separate OS X desktops (in terms of mission control not sure about multiple monitor setups I’m only using the main built-in display on my MBP).

Also, it turns out that FMLE needs on the current desktop or streaming stops!

So I’ve set Bonix TV, CamTwist and FMLE all to ‘Options>All Desktops’
when ‘Ctrl+clicking’ their Dock icons.

Hope this helps a fellow traveller, this stuff is so confusing not least CamTwist which I’m starting to loath… necessary until I can find a replacement though.

I’m interested to know what system you’re using to perform this setup and what your results have been in terms of performance. I’ve had major problems with FMLE due to performance. Last time I tried was on an 8-core Mac Pro (2x 2.8GHz xeons) and I just couldn’t get satisfied with the performance at 720p.

I had great performance on a Feb 2011 17" MBP with 8GB RAM. But much of my image is static slides and only a small part is moving with the video image of the lecturer. It’s your classic WWDC Keynote two shot with speaker on Right, Slides taking up most of the screen on centre and left. Occasionally I go full screen with speaker or slide.

Bonix CPU readout (I assume that’s what it is) was Staying under 70% the whole way. Had mad sound issues. Even though I was routing everythign through Sound flower my headphone mic was being used from the auditorium to send the sound for most of it. Defied logic!

Having said that the transition fade and wipes on the slides were all smooth as.

Just checked the file Bonix recorded during webcast and the sounds dropped out quite a few times for several or more seconds. The Skype video it screen captured froze up during sounds outs too sometimes. This was a Bonix thing not a Skype thing but my app switching to Quartz Composer 40 or so times to change slides being syphoned into Bonix probably didn’t help.

I’l attempt to make custom layers to do all that from within Bonix TV in the future :wink: