BoinxTX OS X Mavericks ready?

It is not specifically written on the download page, but is the new version 1.9.4 compatible with the New OS X Mavericks?

The first tests looked very good and we couldn’t find any issues yet. The main concern is 3rd party drivers that we don’t have control over. With Apple Updating the gold master they gave to developers yesterday, we don’t know if anything changed in the final version that could break BoinxTV. My suggestion is to wait with the Mavericks upgrade if you rely on BoinxTV (or any other 3rd party software where the vendor hasn’t specifically stated full Mavericks support).

BlackMagic Design updated their drivers, so those should work. Matrox hasn’t posted any updates yet. I also haven’t had a chance to test the older 2.x unrestricted drivers, the last ones to work with BoinxTV.

CamTwist isn’t working, that was posted on that forum, it’s not outputting video to anything but flash-based web services, but you need Firefox running in 32 bit mode to make that work.

I’m jumping into the Mavericks pool this weeked, I will post updates as I have them.

@kmac1036 Camtwist works but it will lag from time to time and the video freezes sometimes. I use it to get Boinx TV into Hangout on Air. Ist there any alternative for camtwist?

@schleech kind of maybe try