I’m planning to stream live video from woodstock in Poland in the beginning of next month to the internet and we have hit a roadblock
currently we have a sony HDV camera that connects my MacBook Pro via firewire. iMovie and Final cut pro see the camera and even Boinxtv says “HDV camera” but no video shows… From what I have gathered this is because it is connected by firewire

My question:
Let’s say I buy a Blackmagic intensity shuttle with thunderbolt and plug the camera in via component video, and then thunderbolt to my computer.
Will Boinxtv then see the camera, and will it work properly?
The shuttle is not cheap, so I need to know that it will work for my purposes before I get it.

It should also work with BoinxTV. The AppleHDV Codec needs to be installed for BoinxTV to see it. Normally Final Cut Pro installs the codec. If that didn’t happen, you can install the codec manually from here: Please note, this package requires an installed version of Final Cut Pro on the machine. After installing, reboot your Machine and BoinxTV should now see the camera.