BoinxTV with Two DeckLink SDI cards.

On a previous installation of BoinxTV using 2 identical firewire cameras I ran across the issue of the camera were not being distinguished from each other due to both same model cameras having the same firewire ID. The solution was to use different firewire cameras so the IDs would be different.

On a new installation I am costing out right now I want to go to SDI HD cameras and am wondering about using two Blackmagic DeckLink SDI cards. Will I run into a similar issue or will BoinxTV see them as two valid separate sources? I would prefer to use two identical PCIe cards if possible, or even a single DeckLink Duo if that card works. Has anyone done this and got it working?

Two Decklink cards will work. We tried that scenario a while ago. The ID issue is unique to firewire.
Dont know about the Decklink Duo. It might not work.