BoinxTV with Decklink Extreme 3D & SE-800 to Livestream

I would like to use BoinxTV to create CG and graphics overlaid on the live output from a Datavideo SE-800 switcher using a Decklink Extreme 3D. I’d like to send the output to both an external tape deck and to a live Livestream channel.

Does anyone know if this is possible? What other hardware or software might be needed?

I plan to use a Mac Pro desktop dual quad core with 4GB RAM.

Any thoughts, advice or ideas?

That’s possible.
First: Is there a reason why you send it to a tape deck instead of recording to disk?
The best performing software solution to live stream the BoinxTV output is the third-party application Camtwist. You’ll find a tutorial at:
The second possibility that takes a lot of load off the machine would be an external streaming box like the Terade Cube, see

Erik, let me understand. Do you want to superimpose externally or you want to capture, add graphics and after playout? We tried bot solution and I have good skills in, let me know what exactly do you need