BoinxTV with Blackmagic DeckLink 4K

Will BoinxTV work with Blackmagic DeckLink 4K or any other Blackmagic product? I need more SDI ports.

We tested the Decklink Studio last week and it was no problem. I don’t know if multiple ports on one card are supported through the driver,

Im also wondering about using Boinx with a Black-Magic Deck Link Quad which would provide 4 SDI inputs through one PCI Express slot.

Any idea how performance would be with 4 1080p23.98 HD cameras coming in? What about 8 cameras using 2 Black-Magic Deck Link Quads?

What I expect, is that BoinxTV can only see one input of the 4K cards. I cant try it though as we don’t have such a card nor do we have 4 SDI sources.
4 1080p source is not possible on current hardware, unless you don’t need to record and can live with reduced framerates.