BoinxTV: Video Switcher layer feature request

Video Switcher layer
It would be helpful if the camera source in the “layer below” in the Video Switcher preview window was visible so a director may monitor and know a shot is ready to be taken from that camera. Alternatively, provide a layer that rids the layer below from the quad and provides another camera that could be previewed (four cameras previewed). Currently we are going on faith that the “layer below” camera is framed and in focus when we take that camera, which is not good, especially for fast moving productions, such as sports. It would be a HUGE help to be able to monitor all four cameras.

Thanks for the feature suggestion!

Is this a feature you are working on and is there a time frame this would be added to BTV? Its really a pain not knowing a camera is good to go before switching to it. Thanks

@pyteck: We are going to implement the video switcher in a different way but I can’t promise when this will be released.

Thank you, Achim. This would be a very welcome feature. We will be eagerly awaiting its release. I’m curious, if one were so inspired and not patient enough to wait for your team to implement it, would it be a very difficult task to edit in Quartz Composer and replace the Layers Below source with a camera source?

Sorry for my huge delay in responding. The problem with this is, that we designed the layers concept before we realized that the customers need to have a video switcher. So we implemented the switcher that way the QuartzComposer integration let us do it. Technically the preview view and the live view are different render chains and therefore we can’t bring content from the live chain to the preview chain or vis versa. The “layer below” image is such a content that is only available in the live view render chain. In the preview render chain we put this “layers below”-text-image in the composition to show where this content will end up on screen in the live view.

Anyhow a workaround came to my mind using the Syphon QC patch to bring the image from the live view renderer to the preview renderer. I did test it and it worked for me. Unless this is a hack I can’t really recommend to do so, but if you are interested I can send you a special video switcher layer using Syphon. It requires Syphon to be installed.

Thank you, Achim. I’d welcome trying out this method.
Just to clarify, I don’t require to see a live rendering of the “layer below” image in the preview of the switcher layer. It would suffice to just be able to load four camera sources in there. So it would be a switcher layer where a camera source replaced the source that is currently occupied by the “layer below” image. Thanks for being responsive about this! I’m grateful.

Having 4 camera inputs isn’t possible (version 1.8.5), because we designed it for 3 only. There are only 3 inputs implemented because at those days we thought, this would be the maximum one can possible use “simultaneously” in one composition. The new video switcher implementation will have 4 individual video sources.