BoinxTv versus vMix

I’d like to discuss about vMix app and what BoinxTv can became. vMix is a Tv studio application for windows. It is the best software I know for that use. Fast, less cpu usage, complete and cheap.
Why doesn’t BoinxTv take example from that app? The vMix staff says vMix is only for windows. So, if BoinxTv look at vMix to make a similar application it will be without competitors.
I know we can use vMix on Mac computers trough Boot camp but it is not the best solution.
Excuse me for that thinking but I love Mac and BoinxTv. However actual BoinxTv has some limitations that must be solved to became e real professional app for live Tv studio.

I would be happy to discuss any missing feature in BoinxTV! :slight_smile:

OK Achim, I am an ex tv director of italian RAI television. Actually I use BoinxTv to produce some tv program for my webTv. I used the sponsored license and always put the BoinxTv logo in the end of my talk show because I believe in the Karma and want to solve it :slight_smile:
There are several features that BoinxTv must have to be a prof or broadcast studio application. First of all to change the structure. The layer structure is nice but has some limitation. Every video mixer need to have a “cut” “fade” and “effect” switch as main commands in the main window. vMix, or VidBlaster or Wirecast have it. I hope that BoinxTv 2.0 will get it. Second point: a preview mixer window (four cameras) with the feature to click on a screen camera to get it on-air (this is for quick cut). 3) The video mixer layer preview has to visualize all the four cameras not only 3.
In the camera setup to add a RGB filter or white balance filter or to copy a chroma setup to set all the 4 cameras at the same chromatic level. 4) Have a sticker for normal (not rss) text. The roll text layer can became a roll and crawl layer. 5) the “Presenter” layer has to allow to loop a video or start from a in point to out point. It is to complicate to set a loop in quicktime 7 because you know quicktime x has not a loop feature. 6) a less use of cpu and a more fluid frame recording. Actually the image fluidity is not the best comparing to Wirecast that runs good also on a Mac mini i7 quad core. 7) the BlackMagic ultra studio mini recorder thunderbolt connection doesn’t work. It has recognized by BoinxTv but the capture screen stay black. You have to solve the connectivity to allow a large range of devices.
I think it is enough for now.
I hope you accept these tips in the way to improve the experience on BoinxTv. I like it but I want it will be better.
Best regards

  1. cut/fade/effect vs. layer: There are several approaches how you can deal with complex combination of graphical effects. Because we no longer have analog video that have to go from one effect machine to another we decided to use the PhotoShop approach where you can layer everything together. each layer should have its own transition based on the type of effect it represents. We see the demand of having a video switcher which is out of the layer structure and this will be a part of our BoinxTV 2 strategy.
  2. yes, separate Video Switcher, we hear you! :slight_smile:
  3. video signal adjustments: hopefully this will be part of the video switcher as well.
  4. Using text in a ticker: Nice feature request, thanks!
  5. Looping movies: You actually can set a loop-flag in the source settings of that particular movie. In/out point aren’t supported yet, but it is on our feature wish list.
  6. CPU/GPU usage: there is a large bandwidth between “recording your show on the cam corder tape” (zero CPU/GPU usage) and “having multiple layers of graphical elements, effects and data visualization” (maximum CPU/GPU usage. We at Boinx love technology and we always want to be at the edge of whats possible. This means that we may not have the most fluent data flow in our application but the most flexible one. However: the biggest bottle neck we encounter is the data through put of HD video sources. Maybe this will get better is we get more hardware that connects directly to thunderbolt.
  7. BoinxTV 1.9 supports two ways of output: recording directly to disc, or using the secondary monitor for fullscreen output. Supporting a 3rd party hardware takes a lot of time of development. Your mentioned you are using the sponsored edition, but how much would you pay for the ability to connect your 3rd party recorder device?

Thanks for your request and insights. It definitely gives us interesting information on how our products are used and whats missing. Please feel free to comment or send new ideas!

Just to know that BlackMagic Ultrastudio mini recorder is not a recorder (I don’t know why they choose that name) but a capture device connecting an HDMI camera output to a computer through thunderbolt port. This device is in your list of checked devices but on my mac mini i7 quad core 16 gb it doesn’t work. I wrote to your support but no reply up to now. Can you help me?

As you may notice by my mistake about the BlackMagic hardware I am not the hardware expert in our team. AFAIK you have to have a certain BlackMagic driver installed in order to get it to work. Hopefully my colleague can shed light on this.

About the BMD Mini Recorder: It works perfectly fine in BoinxTV. Please make sure you have the latest Blackmagic Desktop Video driver installed. At least 9.7.
Then make sure you select the correct input (SDI, HDMI) in the OS X prefpane, otherwise you’ll end up with black. The last step is choosing the right input in BoinxTV. Do not just choose the “Blackmagic” input but the input with the name that reflects the resolution, framerate and bit depth of the device you are feeding.
We just produced a week worth of video recordings with two mini recorders simultaneously running into BoinxTV on a MacBookPro Retina

Thanks Bastian. I have downloaded the last version of BlackMagic descktop v.9.7.1 and set the prefpane on HDMI because of my HDMI camera output and the resolution is set to 1080i. In the prefpane processing window the processing input is set to off. In the BoinxTv pref > devices the only active and connected is the Blackmagic (icon like a small camera) (green dot). The other Blackmagic (icon like cards) are off (red dot). I don’t know if my Mac mini i7 quad core 16 GB ram graphic card 4000 is powered enough to activate all the BlacMagic features. At the moment the screen stay black. No camera image.
Have you any suggestion?

I post a picture showing the BoinxTv devices prefpane. The devices are connected but in use by another application. That’s curious. All other applications are closed.

Don’t worry. BoinxTV queries the inputs in this order and by querying the first one the others become unavailable to the checking process. As soon as you select the appropriate device in a source, it will switch to the one selected.

Do you get any video in BlackMagic Media Express?

Make sure you use the correct 1080i device that matches whatever your camera delivers. If your camera delivers 1080i60 you need to select the 1080i60 input. If you select 1080i50 instead there will be no video.

Yes Bastian, in the Media express capture screen I see the camera image. I have two HD cameras: Panasonic HDC SD700 and Canon Legria HF S200. I use an HDMI switcher to connect the 2 cameras to the mini recorder. When I split between the 2 sources I see the camera image of every camera on the Media express capture screen. The HDMI cameras output is set to 1080i. In the BoinxTv devices prefpane I choose 1080i but I can’t change the interlaced selection.
On the other hand I tested the thunderbolt mini recorder with the last demo version of Wirecast and yes, the HD camera image is visible.
Is there any other setting on BoinxTv i.e. recording resolution or format that I can adjust?
Thanks in advance

I am not 100% sure what you are saying. Are you receiving a signal or cant you just no deinterlace it?
deinterlacing is not possible for non-DV sources in BoinxTV. I used a HF200 set to progressive in BoinxTV with a mini recorder (not with a switcher though). If I select the same input as the settings in Media express in BoinxTV it works just fine.

I connect the HF S200 directly to mini recorder. The only setting is 1080i 50. In Media express pref the only setting to see the camera image is 1080i 50. In BoinxTv prefpane it is connected but in progressive mode. Not allow to change the setting.

The BoinxTv prefpane

This is the screen of Wirecast demo. The camera image set to 1080i 50 is visible.

This is the Wirecast prefpane image.

I got the UltraStudio working with BTV after much mucking around. I think once I got it going in BMD Media Express it was quick to get it going in BTV. I had to ring the distributor for support and they got me to DL a firmware update. Maybe chase that firmware update down? But seeing as you have it going in Wirecast the issue would seem to be with BTV. I have had some intermittency but restarting BTV has fixed the issue. I’ve never had it drop out on me once connected.

@edoconte So what happens if you select the 1080i50 8 bit input in BoinxTV as a device for a source in the sources panel and then use this source somehwere?

Did you see the BoinxTv picture above? The screen is black. No camera image! Instead of In the other applications like Wirecast or Media express the camera image is OK.