BoinxTV + Teradek Cube?

Is there a way to use these two together, and if so, can you provide examples? If not, is adding support for the Cube something you see in BoinxTV’s future?

Teradek just sent off a evaluation unit yesterday. So soo we’ll be able to tell you more. We’ll post our findings on the blog.

That is great - Teradek support just told me this as well. Excited to hear about the results!

hello, just came across this, have you made any progress yet?

Bastian is on holiday this week, article coming after that. Initial tests with the unit went very well.

Short update on the Cube:
Using the Cube to stream to or on the local network works dead simple and extremely well. We need to look into it, how we can ingest the Cubes video stream. For now, we recommend it as a box for easier streaming until we know more. Teradek is very helpful to support us here.

Any update on the Cube streaming support?

There is still a documentation that is overdue. I’ll do my best. Sorry