Boinxtv setup like a tricaster?

After playing with Boinxtv for the last few weeks I was wondering if there is any way to set it up like a Tricaster box? I have been using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro and like the options it has for capturing for video. It does have options for outputting video also but it is not able to do so with with Bonixtv. I talked to Blackmagic’s techs and they have no solution to do so unless Bonixtv becomes a software partner with them so they can look into a solution.
So that being said is there a way to buy multiple cards like the Intensity Pro and have them work together with Boinxtv to have it operate like a tricaster? Do you have a solution already with suggested cards that can be used in this way?
Thanks for your help!

You can use multiple BMD cards for input. Live playout in BoinxTV works over the secondary graphics card-out.
Connect the playout device (projector, SDI converter, DVI>S-Video converter) to your secondary out of you graphics card.
No you need to to enable fullscreen output on this output in BoinxTV. Before you toggle fullscreen output, make sure that mirroring is switched off in system preferences and that you can see anything (the desktop background) on the secondary screen/playout device. (If this doesnt work in the first place, the problem is somewhere ealse in your setup-chain.)
Then in BoinxTV hold the option key while clicking the double arrow button. Sow select the secondary screen and the required resolution. Now you should be able to see the BoinxTV output on the playout device.

Can I use the canopus 110’s output as my program monitor? What’s the process in doing so? I simply plug a monitor in the output of the device but I don’t see anything. Do I have to press something within Boinx?

No, please refer to my answer above, it describes how you can playout using BoinxTV.