BoinxTV Question regarding using prerecorded Video, and two futher questions

Hi, i believe i have boinxtv Home, as my Version was part of a Macheist bundle!?
Anyway, as far as I think i understood the app i got three questions:

  1. Is it possible to use prerecorded Video as the “main Background”, or do i have to do a live “all-in-one-take”, producing the main Video and the zoom in/zoom out actions of the lower third, rss feed, slogans all at once?
    (Which would mean i’d have to have an Operator of the app and the cam whilst filming myself?) Do the two Versions (Home/Regular) have the same functionality in this respect?
  2. Do I have to use “real” RSS Feeds, coming from a Website, or can I somehow use my own text (apart from creating a Website with RSS only for that reason)?
  3. How can i change the appearance/object which is the “box shot”, the rotating product Package in the TV Shop Template?

Thanks for any help!
Regards, Frank Valet

  1. absolutely, just add it to a layer and you are done. You have the “Sponsored Edition” if you bought it through macheist. That has the same functionailty as the Full Version with the difference that you are required to play the 5 second ad in each production.
  2. You can also create an RSS XML file to point to the local file.
  3. Basically it supports any kind of media. The 3D Box is a Quartz composition but it can also be an image or video.

Thanks, but

  1. to create an RSS XML file do i need to link it to web adresses?
    Or can i change the local text/file on my system?

  2. concerning the box, it is not possible to use the box and change the pictures on it? And an image, would it also circle?