BoinxTV & presentations

How does BoinxTV work with presentations?

The presenter needs to be up on stage. And someone should be controlling the visuals with BoinxTV. That person should be able to switch between cameras, etc and also, advance the presentation slides.

I’m confused about the ‘advancing slides’ portion of this. How do we achieve this?

Do we add another laptop to the mix and add that as a Screen layer? How does that even work? Please help?

We recently recorded a “TEDx”-event in Munich that covered exactly this kind of use case. The presenter had a remote and the presentation ran on a dedicated Mac. We just grabbed this Mac’s screen as a screen source (via the Screen Sharing app that comes with OSX) into BoinxTV and the presenter could decide by himself how fast or slow he wants to proceed his slides. Only 1 guy needed to switch cameras and sources, we could have the presenter screen large and a small picture of the guy talking as a pip etc.

This setup worked perfectly for both, the presenters and the recording.

this is exactly what I need! :slight_smile: thanks!

but how do I connect two computers together and grab the Mac’s (the one with the presentation) screen?

Start the application “Screen sharing” that comes with every Mac, connect to the other Mac via WIFI and use this window with a screengrabber source in BoinxTV.

oh! ok I’ve got two questions:

  1. is there a proper how-to on this subject? (if not, there shd be!)
  2. is there a way to share screens with hardware…instead of using wifi?

Please have a look at the how-to video “How to bring in a video call” on this page:

This also applies to screen sharing sessions.

Wifi makes it much easier to share the screens, but if you need to do it via hardware you could for example use a DVI capture card and need a second DVI out at the presentators Mac or a dvi to 2 dvi splitter adapter.