BoinxTV, Matrox MXO2 and Mavericks - Impossible?

I finally want to upgrade our production MacBook to Mavericks but found out that the latest Matrox driver (4.1) doesn’t support BoinxTV and the last one that does (2.5) doesn’t work with Mavericks.
Matrox claims that BoinxTV is supported. Is there any way to make this work or will I have to restore my old Snow Leopard??

Some problem :((

(MX02 mini)

I can’t find this famous application :frowning:

MatroxCoreMediaIOPlugin ?

I have to get Boinx up an running but I keep getting this error after I updated to Mavericks and to the latest Matrox MXO software. Do I need to upgrade my firmware? I need help. I uninstalled and reinstalled Matrox and Boinx software and rebooted with no change. Help!

Anyone have a solution to this? I just started demoing Boinxtv to purchase… and so far this is a deal breaker. Brand new iMac 27" with matrox mmo2 min with max. I am getting the same error as above. Latest OS update, latest firmware. Catch is, this seems to only be a problem with BoinxTV. Other editing software, captures video just fine…

Don’t believe there is a solution other than to purchase different hardware, like I had to do. The driver went restricted, which means it ONLY works with the applications specified in the user guide.