BoinxTV Home Addition Mac App-Screen Source Size

If I choose a screen source and than choose select size and the black box surrounds the window and I hit the X to select the size it is always zoomed in close and is not the exact size that I select on the screen source size! Why is BoinxTV zooming in on the source instead of the actual size I select?

It looks like this:

It should look like this:

Any ideas why it is not capturing the screen correctly?

You are capturing a very small portion of the screen with your screencapture source setup, therefore BoinxTV must scale up the image to fit the box for the used Interview layer. The video input in the Interview layer is always scaled that way that it fits the box above the text. Because its aspect ratio is portrait it will crop your landscape screen capture image.

Other layers have the option to do different scale methodes, e.g. the Placer layer: “Fullscreen” (cropping if necessary), “Letterbox” (black bars), “1:1” (pixel dimensions), “Custom” (setup your own scaling).