BoinxTV function details

I’m hoping that someone can help to clarify some details regarding how the recording function of BoinxTV actually operates.

If for example, I am inputting two video feeds (one camera, and one screen capture of a presenters laptop), is my only option to perform a live recording of the video feeds and output arrangement, actively utilising layers and cuts live? Or can each stream be constantly recorded separately and mixed together using boinx at a later date?

If for example there was a requirement to edit a mistake, or skip a portion of the recording – is this possible within boinx? Or would the video file need to be exported to another program?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

BoinxTV will always create a mixdown off all the inputs you give it. It basically records whatever you see in the top right corner.

So if i want to be able to create a mix down that is not live, my best option is to record the video and audio streams separately, and then mix the videos together in boinx after recording?