BoinxTV Frustration

I had high hopes that BoinxTV would be the solution to my production needs, namely cleanly switching between three cameras. After finally figuring out how to connect all three cameras to my laptop and seeing them in BoinxTV, I was told I needed to add the “switcher” layer to my template in order to actually switch, which I did. I have the “switcher” layer, I can see all three cameras, but I can’t make the “switcher” layer “live” in order to record. I can’t invest $500 on a program that’s not going to accomplish this basic task. Could someone, anyone, tell me what I’m doing wrong? If not I’m going to have to pass on Boinx and go with another product. I REALLY like your program, but if it can’t perform this simple operation it’s of no use to me.

Why cant you enable the switcher layer? What happens when you enable it with the live button? Can you please specify the steps you take to use the switcher.