BoinxTV Demo

I current have the home edition and have be doing some test videos with no issue in performance on MacBook Pro with 8 gigs of RAM using a Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910 . I download the BoinxTV demo version to test using two Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910 cameras and there was immediate issue with performance, even with one camera. The screen was slow and lip sync was off even on a simple test. When I tried two cameras it was just bad. Not sure why the difference between the two products even with one camera. Anyone have any suggestions?

If you use USB webcams, BoinxTV will take the document resolution you specified and request this resolution from the camera to get the best image quality. If the camera can’t deliver the exact resolution, it will use the next higher resolution available. This might result in a high resolution and a higher data rate. Like this two cameras on the same USB Bus might be too much data for the USB bus at it is limited to 480 Mbps.
The solution is in most cases trying to get the two cameras spread on two busses (most Macs do have two busses).
Finding out which USB port belongs to which bus is a bit tricky. Connect one camera and open “System Profiler”, that you can find in /Applications/Utilities.
Select “USB” in the left hand column. Now you can see under which USB Bus you camera appears.
Now connect the second camera and go to Window > Refresh (or press Command+R)
The second camera will also appear in the list.
If it appears under the same bus as the first camera, plug it into another USB port until they are both on different busses. If they keep showing up under the same bus, not matter where you connect them, all your USB ports are on the same bus.
This is very likely where the performance issues come from.

Still testing the BoinxTV Demo. I am not sure if the BoinxTV Demo is full version or not. I am using Canon XH A1 camera connected via firewire. I have tried everything and the captured video will is not HD 1920 x 1080. I ran two test one capturing video via QuickTime Player and BoinxTV. The QuickTime Player captured the best quality video and at full HD 1920 x 1080.

The BoinxTV resuts seem to leave trailers with fast movement. The audio sync seem to off a little. Using these as a switcher in my case, which was to record Music/Corporate training videos with multiple cameras may not work unless I can get the full HD and have some type video monitors for reference source. There is to much of a delay using the on BoinxTV screen monitor. Please let me know if the BoinxTV Demo is the complete product? If so what could I be doing wrong.

Hello David,

if you are testing BoinxTV with the demoe licenses it is full featured. Please take a look at your document setting: The document don’t changes resolution upon the connected video source. If you want to capture HD you have to setup the document size for it. Select the clapper menu on top of the document window and click on “Adjust document size…”. You will be prompted with a settings dialog, where you can enter your desired output resolution.