BoinxTV crashing on startup - 1.7.5 lion


We wanted to try out boinxtv, downloaded the trail and with nothing open it crashes on startup, it also crashes with ATEM software control open.

Here’s the error log :

Try downloading a new copy & ensure it’s installed into the Applications folder. Also, Boinx mentions that multicam setups & such work better with ATI cards, so it might be the video card throwing it off too…

which version of ATEM software are you running? There was a compatibility issue fixed in 1.9.10 of BoinxTV.

Do you have the option to disable secured memory? Tried opening in a newly created user account? & have you rebooted the machine?

It’s too bad you’re stuck on 10.7 with that 1st gen Mac Pro :frowning:

I’m not at work now, i’ll try another install on friday, and if that doesn’t work find the information.

The mac is on our second switcher, never really needed to do any heavy duty tasks other than controlling the switcher, so we might just have to replace it sometime.

It is the most recent version (1.9.11) and installed in the applications folder.

I have rebooted several times and don’t know what the secured memory is, the mac only has 1 account.

We found the issue for this crash. It only happens on OS X versions lower than 10.8. We’ll fix the issue with the next update. Do you have the possibility to update OS X to 10.8?

Not on that mac, though we have a 10.10 which we will use instead.
By the way, workaround for the issue was to start the program though a saved file.

Do all the video sources need to be connected to the mac or can we leave them on the ATEM switcher and use the USB for all the overlays, lower thirds etc.