BoinxTV crashes under alternate login user

I currently can only open BoinxTV under one user on my system. Typically I use the MacPro for every day business use, including sensitive financial data. When I go into a production I switch to a different login user so sensitive data is not accessible. Now when I switch to my “studio” user and launch BoinxTV I can get to the new document window, but after I select a document, even one supplied by BoinxTV, it starts to load and then crashes. I tried creating an entirely new user and was met with the same result. I then tried downloading the latest 1.8.4 BoinxTV software, and that did not work either. I have a production coming up and this is very stressful, so I’d appreciate a prompt response.

Did you sent the crash reports to Boinx Software? If not, please do so, otherwise we can’t help you.
Did you contacted support(at) If not, please do so referring this forum post. We need some information to find the crash reports in our database.