BoinxTV crash - .tvrecording file won't open

Hi all,

Yesterday BoinxTV crashed right at the end of our live show. This seems to happen quite a lot, and the 4GB memory limit seems to be a potential candidate, because we are constantly up against a red “mem” icon. I’ve tried submitting the crash reports, but BoinxTV just sits there, seemingly doing nothing.

Anyway, as I say, it crashed yesterday and left its usual .tvrecording file. These are normally recoverable, but this one isn’t. The error is “The document … could not be opened.”

The file size looks about right, and we really need this urgently.

Anyone any advice?

Many thanks,


Sorry to say, so far I am fairly disappointed with Boinx support. I phoned the support line and explained that I needed to recover the contents of this file, but immediately the representative wanted to focus on the crashing issue.

Later in the day I got an email response from the support team giving me a first step for fixing the crashing issue, and total silence on how to fix this file.

Sorry guys, not good.

Has anyone figured out how to resolve a crash issue, I know what happened, I looked at the .tv file that is sitting there, and from the file size (it’s a package file) it looks like the video has been saved inside that .tv file. I seen that they have a “fixer” file for the iStopMotion files . . . . so I’m guessing perhaps there might be some help on this as well? If anyone else has been burned by this, maybe we can come together and find a solution if Boinx isn’t going to help?

If you have had a problem, just email me at with ideas . . . . I’d had to lose what I captured today.

Sometimes, in rare cases, it might actually happen that the .tvrecording files are not recoverable. If BoinxTV crashes exactly at the moment when it writes a video chunk and is in the process of re-writing the header information, there is no way of recovering it. I had a few occasions where MPEG Streamclip from was able to recover those files. I am really sorry that I don’t have better news.
@ukc: Please understand that in cases like yours our first level support needs to forward you inquiry to me and as there was a weekend I couldn’t answer before today.

Hi Bastian,

I didn’t expect an answer over the weekend, but I logged the call the instant your support line opened on Friday morning local time. I received a response three hours later, which is a good response time.

But the response didn’t say, “I’ve passed this on to Bastian who will deal with recovering your file as soon as he can and in the meantime, lets look at the crashing issue” or something like that. It said:

"Thank you for contacting Boinx Software Support Team.

Let`s try to reset the preferences of BoinxTV and see if the problem persists.

Please go to ~/Library/Preferences/com.boinx.boinxtv.plist

Locate com.boinx.boinxtv.plist and drag it to your Trash.

After you have done so please restart BoinxTV and tell us if it works fine."

No mention of the question I actually asked. So I was left wondering if anyone had actually listened to me when I logged the call, when I stressed the importance of dealing with the file issue first.

Anyway, moving on … you say “If BoinxTV crashes exactly at the moment when it writes a video chunk and is in the process of re-writing the header information, there is no way of recovering it.”

If this is the case, then I need suggestions for alternatives for recording the stream. There should be no possibility that if I have been recording for two hours, and Boinx crashes as in this case when I switch to the layer for playing the closing titles, I lose everything. This is more than frustrating when we have someone giving an interview which is near impossible to replicate.

I followed the advice for dealing with the crashes in the email above, by the way. I will report back on that in due course.




I have had a look at the contents of the .tvrecording file. The two main files in there have two different time stamps. was saved at 15:18 on the 26th July was saved at 16:00 on the 26th July, which is the moment that BoinxTV crashed as I was switching to the closing titles layer.

So this is clearly as you say - BoinxTV was in the middle of saving when it crashed. But I don’t understand how it is possible that the timestamps can be so far apart? This doesn’t seem very resilient.



The reference is normally written when the recording is finished (it should be really small). I’ll make sure we discuss this issue again internally.

I have heard good things about Treasure and the Video Repair tool to process the MediaSamples, but I don’t have first hand experience, sorry. More on them here:

I have a similar issue…the recovered file however does open but when I clic on recover it goes through the process but never finishes…is there something I can do to rescue this file?

@johnwry Are you using the built in BoinxTV recovery? What exactly happens when you click the “Recover Recording” button? Does the sheet come down at any time? What is the file size of the .tvrecording file?

welcome. Two days ago we shot the event, which lasted 7 hours, but somewhere in the middle of recording Event was a power failure. because I knew that saves the matter and give then returns clip. And I am now interested in recording is saved but is barely large 2.46 gb would have to be at least 50 gb because it was recording 7 hours! I open the clip but only 10 minutes of picture and sound. please if you can help me because this video desperately need!

If the .tvrecording file is so small it seems like the rest actually is gone. It doesn’t really make sense that it is only that small. BoinxTV doesn’t pile up its recordings in some kind of temp file but normally writes it to the .tvrecording bundle in ~10 second chunks.