BoinxTV BETA Testing?

How would you recommend testing the new Beta? I don’t want to mess up my currently working system . . . does 1.9 work on Lion? Can I have both installs running? Ideas/thoughts???

You are save to download the beta version of app and put it e.g. on your desktop to run it. The application doesn’t install anything and so it doesn’t effect your current installation (one exception is the preference settings file which is shared between both apps). I recommend not to share documents because if once saved with v1.9 they may not open or work properly in 1.8.4 because of missing software components, just duplicate your production documents before using them in 1.9beta. BoinxTV 1.9 will be Lion compatible and we highly appreciate your feedback and test results for the beta version!

Did some testing over the past several days. Dual camera mode (via Thunderbolt Firewire Adapter) seems to work a lot better without any glitches or slow downs. The audio fixes seem to be working great also. I am a big user of the 3rd party Keynote Presentation layer and the Beta won’t allow me to pick a file, so not sure if that is a problem with the Beta or what.

This is definitely a bug on our side. It should be fixed in the next beta. Thanks for reporting!

When will the new beta go on sale?

We are currently planing to do another beta. The release should happen early this year.

We released BoinxTV 1.9 beta 9 yesterday. Please download the new beta version and give it a spin. Feedback is always welcome! Thank you very much!