BoinxTv and Logitech c910 HD

When I use the Logitech c910 HD webcam, it only recognize 752x416 as a maximum resolution, but the webcam has a maximum resolution of 1280x720, why is that? Someone knows how to work it out? Please help!

What’s the document resolution you are working with?

The paper has a resolution of 720 x 480. The theme of the difference between 1280x720 and 720x480 can generate a digital zoom without loss of quality. Probe all, taking the maximum resolution the camera is 752x416. In device, at the bottom says the characteristics of each camera and says those values. Pardon my bad English

Problem solved! I recognized the camera to that resolution

I bought three Logitech C910 HD for a three cameras project. But only two of them work on BoinxTV. But they appear on the device center and the button is green for all the cameras… What would be the problem ? Thanks.

For information: I have a 21.5’’ iMac 2,8 Ghz 4-core with 12 GB RAM and ATI Radeon HD 6770M

If you use USB webcams, BoinxTV will take the document resolution you specified and request this resolution from the camera to get the best image quality. If the camera can’t deliver the exact resolution, it will use the next higher resolution available. This might result in a high resolution and a higher data rate. Like this two cameras on the same USB Bus might be too much data for the USB bus at it is limited to 480 Mbps.
The solution is in most cases trying to get the two cameras spread on two busses (most Macs do have two busses).
Finding out which USB port belongs to which bus is a bit tricky. Connect one camera and open “System Profiler”, that you can find in /Applications/Utilities.
Select “USB” in the left hand column. Now you can see under which USB Bus you camera appears.
Now connect the second camera and go to Window > Refresh (or press Command+R)
The second camera will also appear in the list.
If it appears under the same bus as the first camera, plug it into another USB port until they are both on different busses. If they keep showing up under the same bus, not matter where you connect them, all your USB ports are on the same bus.

Thank you, I did’t notice that !

martingioiosa, at what framerate did the C910 work? I bought the cheaper c270 and it was just capable of working at 15fps. But if the C910 will work at 24 to 30fps, it would be great. Couldn’t find any reports when operating with this cam on a mac yet… :confused:

I’m using 2 c910’s without any problems on a MacBook Pro