BoinxTV and Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

We’ve got our hands on an Intensity Shuttle, and are planning on using a PAL composite source into the device, through into Boinx. However, Boinx will only recognise the YPbPr input on the device, and not the composite signal.

We have no problems using the device in Wirecast, and the settings are all correct regarding the box itself.

Any ideas?

Have you changed the input of the device in the BMD drivers in system preferences?

Yes, it’s set to composite in the Blackmagic settings, but Boinx tells me it’s showing the YPbPr input on the box, and gives me no way to change it.

It’s currently set to take input from PAL, but I’m not able to select between composite and component.

I don’t have a Shuttle so I cant test that, sorry. We see the same that QuickTime sees, so if it fails here as well (you can check in QuickTime 7) it will also fail in BoinxTV. Just to make sure: Did you try to reboot after changing the settings? I don’t really think this is gonna change things, but I won’t hurt either,

It makes no sense to me why Wirecast can support it, and not Boinx. We’ll have to use their software until you can propose a solution. Thanks.

I’m having the same trouble with mac 10.8.2, boinxtv 1.8.4 and intensity shuttle. Works fine in media express but although blackmagic shows up as an option for a device, the video does not pick up. Audio does however work in Boinxtv. Intensity Shuttle shows up fine in Skype.

@johnwry: BoinxTV 1.8.4 isn’t compatible with MacOSX 10.8. Can you please download the BoinxTV 1.9beta ( ) and test your setup again? Any feedback is appreciated!

@Achim - Got the same Problem, but figured out, that this seems to be a BlackMagic Problem - with OSX 10.8.2 you also get a black screen while trying to use the BlackMagic Card with Quicktime. All you see is the BlackMagic Audio Input, no Video source.

@rockngroll: It is a good indication what QuickTime Player does with the hardware when trying to record a movie with it. In BoinxTV we are using the same technique and software components as the QuickTime Player does. Thats makes it a perfect test environment for your setup when having trouble with BoinxTV. Please can you share further findings with the BlackMagic Card once you get new insights?

Sorry we posted previously in another thread:

Same here!
We also experience troubles to list the Blackmagic device into the list of available inputs.
We use the Blackmagic h.264 encoder, which works fine on the same computer with other programs but cannot be recognized by BoinxTV. Any idea how to fix this? Is this a recurring problem?

…just as a follow-up, we tried on four different Mac: same problem with all of them (iMac 2x, Mac book, Mac book pro)!
Blackmagic’s h.264 converter, using a Sony EX-3 plugged through HD-SDI, did not work… at all.

iOS version 10.6 and above.
…too bad we spent roughly 30 man-hours trying EVERY combination possible, updating softwares, changing cables and thinking the unthinkable. The H.264 encoder cannot get recognized

…However, we remark that in the meantime the device is correctly recognized by at least one other Mac software: we made it work properly with LiveStream Procaster, on the same machine, at the same time.

So our conclusion:
BoinxTV does not support Blackmagic’s H.264 encoder even if H.264 encoder is recognized by the Mac machines and seems to work with (some) other softwares properly.

Ladies & Gentleman, it’s working. After upgrading the QuicktimePlayer 7 to the Pro-version (30 Euros) I get a cam-signal into BoinxTV. BUT: It’s seems, that’s not important which settings are selected in the BlackMagic SystemPreferences. Select the correct video-cam HDMI Input in Quicktime Player 7 and the same in Boinx. You have to use the correct BlackMagic Input Source in Boinx, not the “BlackMagic” Cam-Icon :slight_smile:
Quicktime doesn’t have to run. I’ll test other configurations the days and inform you guys.

My Config:
MacBook Pro 15inch (Late 2011)
Original Thunderbold-Cable
BlackMagic Intensity Extreme
Simple no-name HDMI Cable
Running the latest BlackMagic Driver
Running the latest BoinxTV Beta Version
Running the Dev-Beta of 10.8.3 - but that’s not necessary (before installing Quicktime Player 7 Pro, I had the same problems here)

It works with 720p and 1080i - running with 1080p I still get a black screen.

Hope I could help


Has anyone tried outputting from BoinxTV to the Shuttle’s HDMI or composite outputs? Or capturing a video stream in from the shuttle and outputting from BoinxTV to the shuttle at the same time?

@Rich: BoinxTV is currently not able to output its video through BlackMagic Shuttle. BoinxTV uses the secondary monitor output from your computer.

Have you tried using the BMD capture utility that installs with the driver? I found out some time ago cheap cables & BMD boxes don’t mix. & their drivers have gotten really stable too.