OK…running Boinx on a Mac Air, thunderbolt SDI out. When running a “news look” with a crawl on the bottom of the screen, output occassionally has a bit of a stutter. However, if you minimize the control screen (on the Mac Air) the stutter goes away, probably because the graphics processor doesn’t need to update the preview window. However, when minimized, you cannot use any of the BOINX keyboard shortcuts. Wouldn’t it be great to click a button on the preview window and a static graphic that says “LIVE” comes up. Window still maximized but graphics card doesn’t have to keep up with motion video. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


We can’t recommend running BoinxTV on an MacBook Air. That said: Does it make a difference for you if you collapse the preview of the layer by clicking on the bar on top of the preview? (If the layer is live, this bar is red)

not following. Are you referring to the preview window top right? I only see icons for pause, full screen and small screen. I can tell you that if I’m using a DVI output on display adapter, the scroll gets incredibly smooth if I minimize the control screen on the laptop. However, keyboard shortcuts won’t work with this screen closed

Sorry, I did mean the layers preview on the left. Click in the title bar of the layer above the preview output to collapse the view.

layers doesn’t affect it. Must be the motion video in the upper right box. I even tried exporting the live video via thunderbolt to an external SDI output, but Boinx must look for graphics card only. :frowning:

The live video output on the upper right corner is just the result of the composition process. The heavy lifting in the graphic card is already done before the frames gets displayed on screen. This doesn’t affect the GPU performance that much. I am pretty sorry, but the performance of the MacBook Air graphics card isn’t enough to run BoinxTV smoothly.

SDI output: Yes, BoinxTV currently only works on the internal graphics cards for output. You need to use the secondary monitor output and convert this signal to SDI.

It is strange that when I minimize the control page and output to the second monitor, the scroll is INCREDIBLY smooth. HMMMMMMM

LIVE STREAMING without using Sunflower and 3rd party screen capture! - So built in h264 encoding, even if its basic.

@PeterT: Thanks for your feature request, its on our list!