Boinx TV versus WireCast

Boinx TV has a big competitor, the WireCast app. which works on both, Windows and Mac platforms.

At my point of view, biggest disadvantage of WireCast is the layers system. I like the Quartz compositions model on Boinx TV. Sadly Boinx TV does not support all Quartz Composer patches, for example Movie Importer.

But the biggest disadvantage of Boinx TV is zero support for streaming services (except PodCast Producer). On this area WirteCast rocks. You can stream your video directly from WireCast into many very popular video streaming services (LiveSteam, Ustream etc) or self managed video streaming servers. Thats where Boinx TV fails.

Pricing of WireCast:

Wirecast Studio – $495.00
Wirecast Pro – $995.00

Any thoughts are welcome :slight_smile:

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