Boinx TV + HD caméra + Epiphan VGA


I’m producer and I’m looking for an HD conference capturing process (broadcast on HD web 720P definition).

Is it possible to use Boinx Tv on a macbook pro 13’ (2.4 / 8 GB DDR3 1066mHz)

with simultaneously

Epiphan HDMI to USB frame grabber for our HD caméra (Panasonic AF101)

Epiphan VGA to USB to capture the presentation


Thierry Bohnké
O.H.N.K. production
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The 13" MacBookPros only come with Intel Integrated Graphics, that won’t be enough for a HD workflow. Even with the top of the line MacBookPros I am not sue if two HD sources will be doable.

I’m pretty sure it won’t work. I’m using the epiphan and a matrox MXO2 for a similar setup to what you’re talking about on a top-of-the-line 17" and I’m not happy with it at all.