Boinx TV (full) 1080i and 720p freezes


I recently purchased Boinx TV (full version) and after reading the documentation and setting up the camera. 1080i and 720p picture is frozen. 480 works fine but not the higher.

I am using a MacBook Pro, Core i7, 4gb of ram, OSX 10.9 and a AMD Radeon HD 6770m (1024mb). The camera is a Panasonic HVX200 p2 Camera. I am running a firewire to from the camera to the computer. I have the camera set to:

1394 Control=EXT
PC MODE=1394 Host

Am I missing something on set up that makes this video freeze in 720 or 1080? Thanks!

My guess is that the camera don’t provide a live output if switched to higher resolutions. Standard firewire connections are transmitting in NTSC/PAL DV resolution only. Please try to record a movie with QuickTime Player with you camera as the input source (In QuickTime Player select “File > New Movie Recording”, choose your camera with the white triangle in the lower right of the recording window. Does this work in all resolutions?

I found out that I needed a capture card in order to run 720 or 1080.