Boinx TV file locked when I go to save

Hi Friends, whenever I try to save a file in Boinx, it says it is locked and can not be saved. When I click save anyways, it says it still can not save. It will only save until I do a save as under a different name. Any ideas?

The alert suggests that the file was edited by another application. This could be because some virus scanning software touched it or the Time Machine backup system touched it. Not very common problem thought. What happens if you duplicate the BoinxTV document with the Finder and use the file copy to make your editing?

(BTW: In the screenshot I see that you are using lots of placer layers to put a background behind your chromakeyed video. An alternative way would be to only have one Placer layer but with multiple settings. Select one Placer layer and select the menu item “Layer > Layer Setting Duplicate” you will get another layer setting where you can add a different image to. Select the menu item “Layer > Expand” to show those different layer settings in vertical mode in the layer stack. now you have lots of small “Live” buttons for each layer setting. This makes sure that only one image is displayed at a time.)

Thanks Achim