boinx TV connect to HDV lag

I tried boinx TV on my friend’s studio.
When the boinx TV connected to DV camera(480p) with 1394,the chroma key basic video went smoothly and almost real-time.
But when I connected boinx TV to HDV(1080p) camera with 1394,the chroma key basic video lagged 3~5 seconds.

I need a 1080(p/i) real time chroma key basic video Does boinx TV has 1080(p/i) camera solution?
Please give me some suggestions.
Thank you.

This is my equipment list
Bonix TV 1.8.4

Sony Z7n(1080i) and Sony VG10(1080P)

iMac 12.1
system:OSX 10.6.7
cpu:intel Core i5 2.5GHZ
video:AMD Radeon HD 6750(vram 512MB)

with 1080p video input to Boinx TV,
chrome key basic video laged,and main camera video laged too

there is going to be some latency with HDV & HDMI at those resolutions, unfortunately. the only way to get around this is to purchase very expensive studio equipment the big broadcasters use (which typically costs more than your house!)

if there’s an issue with the audio you can add delay to it in BoinxTV>Preferences>Devices.

What kind of studio equipment can do this? Could you please recommend some of that to me?

If boinx can’t handle 1080p video real-time,I’ll have to search for 1080p real-time hardware for keying…

Thank you so much.