Boinx TV, Cam Twist, Soundflower, Google Hangouts

Hey Everyone

My first post here…

I’m trying to stream a pre-recorded video into a google hangout using
boinx TV. I just cant get the sound thats on the video into the hangout. The video is their I can see it. Im using cam twist and soundflower and as far as I can tell I have it hooked up correctly.

Is anyone here actually doing this with a google hangout ? I would love to know and persevere with it, but if it aint gonna happen I will pull the pin on it.

Thanks in advance

We’ve done this before and it works fine. Make sure you have Soundflower 2 Ch set up in the hangout as the audio input device. Now also select Soundflower 2CH as the playthrough device in BoinxTV (Headphones button on the top right) and lastly (this is the step most people forget): Select “Enable Playthrough” in the same menu.

You can also use Soundflowerbed to find out whether the sound is being routed correctly or not. Find out more at :smiley: