Boinx TV: Automatic go to next layer(s)


Is there an option in Boinx TV, that will switch layers on and off after a period of time?

For a project we are working on, we want to have information on a couple of tv screens.
This information wil be on a couple of layers. We dont want to switch those layers by hand, because we dont have the time for it.
So it would be very nice if there is an option so you can turn on/off layer automaticly.


here’s a PARTIAL SOLUTION….use a shortcut key for ALL of the layers of a certain type. So if there are three layers making up your first image, use the same shortcut for all of them. Then follow with your second and third images. Now you only have to hit a single shortcut key to change. And if you want to dig deeper, there are programs that allow you to push these shortcuts with embedded time delays… ie. CONTROLLERMATE!

the shortcut keys is a great tip… but you can also set duration. on my lower thirds, when I push the hotkey / shortcut it displays for 15 secs then fades itself out.

Another keyboard short cut solution could be the use of Apple Script to send a keyboard short cut at a certain time or with delays to BoinxTV. This sample script will fire every 30 seconds a keyboard short cut on BoinxTV:


delay 30 – wait 30 seconds

tell application “BoinxTV” to activate
tell application “System Events”
– the following keyboard short cut should be associated with the “push live” button of a certain Layer (or even a Layer Setting)
keystroke “e” using {command down, option down, control down}
end tell

end repeat

After some testing and trying to work out a script in Apple Script, i got it working.:slight_smile:

I read everyones solutions, they are good, but I’d like to know how can that 30seconds be extended. I have 14 two hour shows. i need to combine all 14 shows to make one long show. How am I able to do this?

@Alexmedia: You may able to accomplish this by creating a “list” in AppleScript and walk through it for all events:

– this is a list of events which are described in key stroke and delay
set myEventList to {{“e”, 10}, {“f”, 30}, {“e”, 150}, {“a”, 100}}

repeat with myEvent in myEventList
set theKeyStroke to (item 1 of myEvent) as text
set theDelay to (item 2 of myEvent) as number

tell application "BoinxTV" to activate
tell application "System Events"
	keystroke theKeyStroke using {command down, option down, control down}
end tell

delay theDelay

end repeat

Thank you for your reply Achim, Im sure it would solve my problem, but to my embarrassment im not familiar with apple script and using it alongside with boinxtv to add the code you gave me. oh well, ill try to find some one that can show me, i dont want to waste you guy;s time over a newbie like me.