Boinx TV 2.0 When Will it Be release?

Earlier I read it would Be late april.
We have Some serieus sync issues during the livestream. FMLE does not run on Yosemite. And OBS gevestigd dync issues.
Looking forward to 2.0!!

We planned on a beta end of April, but we are running a little late since we want all the known kinks to be ironed out. We’ll start the beta as soon as possible.

FMLE 3.2 does run on Yosemite, by the way. What kind of sync issues do you get with OBS?

I cannot get FMLE running, installed it several times, but no joy.
On obs the audio is ‘early’. I use soundflower 2ch to get the audio in. On obs I tried to delay the audio but it is changing during the streaming. Specially when using the recording button on boinxtv.
Video comes in via mini display together with the audio.
Recordings are in sync!
Streaming out of sync.